Tara Dawley Ceramics contemporary functional porcelain, individually wheel thrown, one at a time, just for you

Someone once told me how much he enjoys the large bowl he had purchased from me saying, "It's like having a gazelle in my home instead of a turtle." That comment about my work is a favorite and speaks to the value of hand made functional art. Functional pottery helps to create an atmosphere of warmth and generosity in a home.  A person who brings pottery for use into the intimate environment of a home or workplace brings so much more than a cup for morning coffee or a bowl for soup. We invite a different system of values by choosing to have and use items that are made slowly, one at a time, with thoughtfulness and heartfelt purpose.  And if we are very lucky, we can even end up with a "gazelle".

Please be clear on "terms" before ordering. I ship only within the continental U.S.A. Included in the purchase price:  packaging, handling, shipping and more than a little lovin'. 

Did you catch that? Free shipping!

Your satisfaction is important to me. You will see an image of the exact item you are ordering. You will not see, for example, "4 in stock". Individually hand crafted ceramics can involve discrepancies in form and surface. I inspect each item very carefully and only put my very best work in this online store. If you have any questions, please email me. taradawley@gmail.com